Homeless Student Information

East Central School District provides the following general assurances:
  • Homeless children and youth shall not be segregated into a separate program based on their status as homeless and shall not be stigmatized in any way.
  • Homeless children and youth shall be provided services comparable to those received by other students in the school, including transportation services, and education programs for which students meet eligibility criteria, such as services provided under Title I or similar state and local programs; programs for students with disabilities; programs for students with limited English proficiency; vocational or technical programs; gifted and talented programs; and school nutrition programs.
  • Homeless children and youth will have access to district administrative level of funds for serving homeless students.
  • East Central School District shall provide homeless students with access to education and other services necessary for these students to meet the same challenging academic standards as other students.
  • East Central School District shall provide and post notices of the educational rights of homeless children and youth.
  • Students shall be provided appropriate transportation to and from the school of origin unless that placement is deemed not in the best interest of the student. In such cases, provisions will be provided to enroll the student in a school where the student is living.
  • Disputes shall be brought forth to the district Homeless liaison and settled in a timely and appropriate matter. Documentation of the dispute and its settlement shall be maintained by the district until the student's graduation, or age 21 has been reached.

Identification and Reporting

Homeless children and youth will be identified through:

  1. The application process for enrollment (self-identification)
  2. School personnel recommendations
  3. Coordinated activities with other entities and agencies

Student's residency status is considered private educational information and shall be treated as such. Governmental agencies, Transportation supervisor, MARSS level administrator and other need to know persons within the school will be notified of a student's homeless status only as deemed necessary by the school district homeless liaison.

East Central School District will comply with all federal, state, and county, laws and regulations

Information adapted from: Echo Charter School , Echo, MN.

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