Graduate Profile


A Graduate of East Central High School will:

  1. Possess foundational academic skills and the ability to access, synthesize and apply new knowledge.
  2. Effectively write, speak and listen, meeting the needs of the situation at hand
  3. Read for understanding and enjoyment
  4. Think critically, ask critical questions, generate hypotheses, view problems from multiple perspectives, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information, pursue answers and solutions through research, experimentation and/or computation.
  5. Have the skills to collaborate in large and small groups
  6. Use current technology with confidence to adapt and be able to adapt to future technology.
  7. Be a self-assured, motivated and responsible young adult with a work ethic to succeed in post-secondary education or training.
  8. Effectively navigate through a variety of interpersonal situations in family, community, school and workplace settings.
  9. Demonstrate integrity and empathy
  10. Identify themselves as members of the global community, recognize their value and place in that community while understanding, appreciating, and respecting different cultures, viewpoints and diversity in the global community
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