March Student Achievers

March Student Achievers
Posted on 03/15/2024

MarchStudent achievers are selected by Mr. Brenden Lange, EC band teacher.

"In a band, the responsibilities extend far beyond merely playing music. It encompasses the diligent upkeep and protection of instruments, assuming leadership roles, and ensuring the band's representation and significance. Among the band members, three sophomores stand out for their exemplary commitment to these responsibilities and their unwavering dedication to the band: Landon Leger, Brock Nelson, and Gavynn Reichel.

Throughout their tenure, Landon, Brock, and Gavynn have consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and have gone above and beyond to support the band. Their proactive approach to instrument maintenance and their readiness to step up in leadership roles reflect their maturity and dedication. Furthermore, their enthusiastic presence at band events has been instrumental in maintaining the band's momentum during challenging moments.

As sophomores, Landon, Brock, and Gavynn have already established themselves as indispensable members of the band. Their boundless energy and unwavering commitment serve as an inspiration to their peers and contribute significantly to the band's success.

Looking ahead, the future appears bright for these remarkable individuals. We anticipate witnessing their continued growth, maturity, and contributions to the band and beyond. Landon Leger, Brock Nelson, and Gavynn Reichel are not only exceptional musicians but also outstanding individuals, and we are privileged to have them as part of our band."

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