Ms. Webinger

Nicole Webinger (web-ing-jer)

Alternative Learning Center Teacher

I have been a part of the East Central District since October 2019. I started off at the ALC as their paraprofessional. In April 2022, I stepped in as a Reading ADSIS Teacher. In August 2022, I accepted a position in the English Department. Now I have moved to the ALC.  I have worked with many students and have learned a lot over the years.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Valley City State University in Valley City, North Dakota. I have grown up in the Midwest area. As a child, I moved around the state of Minnesota and ended up in North Dakota and now I am back in my home state. 

In English, I try to focus on grammar, vocabulary, and writing. I feel that students have lost the ability to know how to write with a pen/pencil and paper. Going back to the basics is a great focus for the students.

email: [email protected]

phone: 320.245.6027